Block Name Generator

BLOCK NAME GENERATOR is the best online tool to generate names or usernames in Block Texts or HIT Texts.

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Attitude Boy Girl Weird Squiggle Boxed Cursive Fancy Bubble Bio names Bio texts Blue HIT Joiner Arrow Bricks Strikes

About Block Name Generator

Block Name generator is an free online tool that generates block or HIT name Style for usernames which can be used in Instagram profile and in bio.

How To Generate HIT Name Style ?


Enter your Name.

Enter your name's text into the input box of the HIT name generator .


Copy the desired Name Style.

Click on your favorite HIT name style to copy.


Paste it into your Instagram bio section.

Go to instagram account and paste your copied name style in bio section.

Frequently Asked Question About HIT name Generator

What is block text generator?

Block or HIT text generator is an online free tool that converts your normal English texts into big block letters. These letters are made up of combination of little unicode blocks ( ). These letters can be copied and pasted anywhere but consume more space than normal texts. Most of the people use these block letters for highlighting texts in their bio.

Can I use Block Names Style for instagram usernames and bio?

Yes, you can use block letters to design your Instagram username and bio.

How can I generate Block names with HIT letters?

Just use our block text generator free tool to convert your normal texts into block letters.

Is a Block names style supported on Instagram?

Yes, Block Name Styles are supported in Instagram name Style.

Can i use these name style for other social media platform.

Yes, you can use these letters in almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.